Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Reveals More Details About Throne of Eldraine

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July 20, 2019  05:23 PM


Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering lead designer Mark Rosewater will be making the official announcement for the upcoming expansion Throne of Eldraine at the MTG San Diego Comic-Con panel tonight but ahead of the event, Rosewater has already shared some information about the upcoming set. 

Over on his Blogatog, Rosewater answered some questions about Throne of Eldraine. First of all, he confirmed that the name of the plane where the set takes place is "Eldraine".

The lead designer also confirmed that there will be a planeswalker that will be the face of the set, and their home plane is Eldraine. 

When asked if the set after Throne of Eldraine will take place in the same world, Rosewater said, "Eldraine is just featured in one set. Baseball (the codename of the next set) will be on a different plane." 

Previously, the lead designer also said that Throne of Eldraine won't just be about faeries. It's likely that the story for the Throne of Eldraine will also involve other non-fairy characters but the panel tonight will probably reveal much more. He also teased upcoming changes for the game. 

Watch MTG lead designer Mark Rosewater make the official announcement for Throne of Eldraine in the Magic: The Gathering SDCC panel this Saturday at 6 pm PDT.

Throne of Eldraine is set to release on October 4. Prerelease will be held on September 28-29. 

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