Magic: The Gathering Designer Talks About White's Reactive Card Draw in Core Set 2021

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June 04, 2020  04:31 PM


The preview season for Magic: The Gathering's Core Set 2021 has arrived, and one of the first few cards from the upcoming set revealed today is a mythic rare legendary white human cleric called Mangara, the Diplomat, which is a unique card that lets you draw a card if an opponent attacks two or more creatures to you or a planeswalker you control; the card also lets you draw a card if an opponent plays their second spell in a turn. It turns out that this kind of reactive draw is just one of the ways Wizards of the Coast is experimenting white's drawing capability. 

Over on Twitter, Magic designer a.k.a. "White Council of Colors representiative" Ari Nieh recently responded to a fan's question about the "reactive draw" of white spells starting with the new Mangara. 

"When we looked at white card draw, we decided that any white card with 'Your opponents can't do X' also allows the text 'Whenever an opponent does X, draw a card'. This is not the only white card draw experiment you'll see over the next few years."

In recent years, many Magic fans have criticized white as being the weakest color among the five colors of Magic due to their lack of card advantage means, and their design with the new Mangara from the upcoming Core Set 2021 shows that they are making steps to increase the power level of white by finding unique ways for certain white cards to draw. The card looks well-balanced, and it will most likely see play. I wonder what other ways they're experimenting to give white more card draw power. 

Let us know what you think about Mangara's design and how WotC are finding more ways to give white the card draw power it deserves. 

Core Set 2021 is set to release on July 3 with Prerelease events scheduled from June 26 to July 2. 

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