Magic: The Gathering Designer Shares More Details About The War of The Spark: Forsaken Controversy

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
November 23, 2019  01:20 PM


Greg Weisman's latest Magic: The Gathering novel War of the Spark: Forsaken has been receiving a lot of criticisms for the way it handled Chandra Nalaar and Nissa Revane's relationship among other negative feedback, and Wizards of the Coast recently addressed the controversy. Now, MTG head designer Mark Rosewater has shared more details about how he and WotC reacted to the backlash of the Magic community, assuring fans that they will focus on making sure that their actions reflect on the diverse and inclusive community that they foster.

You can read Rosewater's full response from his Blogatog below:  

Our apology is anything but disingenuous. This last week has been a very stressful one for everyone at Wizards. We know we messed up in an area that’s very important to us.

I personally have spent every day reading the letters that have been sent to me by all of you, and I can see first hand the pain that we’ve inadvertently caused. As someone who got in to game design to make people’s lives better, I take this very seriously. We all take it very seriously.

Everyone here understands that we, as a company, have work ahead of us to regain the trust some have lost in us. I’m happy to say though that everyone here I’ve talked with about this topic is united in positively reflecting the diverse and inclusive community that we wish to foster around our games. We need to match our actions with our words, and we plan to. It’s an ongoing process that deserves our time and attention.

Even though MTG is having its most profitable year ever, raking in more revenue for Hasbro than ever before, it's also been a rough year for the popular trading card game with WotC making several mistakes such as the printing of meta-defining cards like "Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis" and "Oko, Thief of Crowns", and the ebay order issues of the War of the Spark Mythic Edition boxes, but this story development that fans had been anticipating to see prior to Forsaken's release has to be the worst mistake the publisher has done this year. 

War of the Spark: Forsaken is now available on Amazon but I wouldn't recommend buying it since the book's current rating is only 1.5 star. 

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