Magic: The Gathering Cheater Suspended For 3 Years

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
November 06, 2018  06:31 PM

Wizards of the Coast

Last month, Canadian Magic: The Gathering player Dan Lanthier was caught cheating on video during Wizard's Tower's Modern event (You can watch it here), and now, the DCI has suspended the two-time Grand Prix champion from playing in sanctioned Magic events. 

Today, the suspended DCI Membership List was updated, and it revealed that Dan Lanthier has been suspended for three years. His ban will be lifted on November 2021. That's a long time but it's much less than what Lanthier asked for. The Canadian Magic player requested for a permanent DCI suspension for cheating but it looks like Wizards of the Coast is not doing that just yet. 

For those who don't remember: Lanthier was the player who was caught on camera activating a fetchland and getting a Stomping Ground from his graveyard instead of his deck. He was also caught not discarding after casting a Faithless Looting in the same match. 

Shortly after the tournament, Wizard's Tower gave Lanthier a lifetime ban from playing in their events after he was caught cheating. 

Lanthier is not the first Magic player who received a DCI suspension this year. Dan Ward has been suspended for six months for trying to undo his mistake by misrepresenting Meddling Mage's ability at the Pro Tour 25th Anniversary earlier this year. 

Do you think a three-year DCI suspension is enough for Dan Lanthier or do you think he deserves a lifetime ban? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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