Magic: The Gathering Artist Noah Bradley Apologizes For Being a "Sexual Predator"

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
June 22, 2020  01:49 PM


On Sunday, Magic: The Gathering artist Noah Bradley wrote a statement of apology for being a "sexual predator", admitting that he had sexually haraased women at industry events and workshops. He shared the letter on his Twitter page. 

"I was terrible to women,” Bradley wrote. “I preyed on them. I ceaselessly hit on them. I pressured them into sex. I got too drunk and did all manner of dumb things. Yes, I was one of those shitty, creepy sexual predators you hear about.”

“I am deeply sorry for everything I did,” he added. “I apologize for the selfish, cruel, insensitive way I acted. It’s no way for anyone to act. I’m so sorry.”

"Women deserve better than selfish assholes like I was at those industry events," Bradley continued. "Everyone there deserves respect. They should be professional environments. They should be safe environments. I violated that. time and time again."

The American artist's apology letter was released the morning after concept artist Betty Jiang accused him on Twitter:

"Remember the bald headed crusty assed "well known" artist who went around groping female devs, and ended up having his face bit after trying to pour drinks down the throat of a girl whose already very intoxicated at the Massive Black workshop after party?"

Other women shared their experiences with sexual harassment in the art industry following the tweet. However, no specific allegations against Bradley have been confirmed. RJ Palmer brought up Bradley's wallpaper illustration based on Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power as an example of the American artist's unacceptable behavior.

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