Magic: The Gathering Arena Will Let You Play Like A Champion in The Worlds XXVI Showcase

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February 11, 2020  03:07 PM


The Magic: The Gathering World Champion XXVI is happening this weekend, and to celebrate the highest tournament of Magic, MTG Arena is having a special event for the players playing at home: the Worlds XXVI Showcase! 

Starting February 14, MTG Arena players will be able to play with each Magic World Championship XXVI competitor's deck in a best of one Standard event for free. Three wins in the event will earn you a MTG Arena sleeve celebrating Worlds XXVI. 

Here are the details of the Worlds XXVI Showcase: 

> Available February 14-16 on MTG Arena

> No Entry Fee

> Choose from 16 different Standard decks, each one matching a Magic World Championship XXVI competitor's deck

> Battle through Best of One Games

> Earn Mastery XP for your first and second wins

> Unlock a Magic World Championship XXVI sleeve for your third win

> Play as much as you want during the event—and you can swap out decks in-between matches. Try out all 16 decks!


The Magic World Championship XXVI will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 14-16, and will stream live on The total prize pool is $1 million with the winner getting $300,000 and a trophy. 

Here are the 16 competitors of the Magic World Championship XXVI: 

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