Magic: The Gathering Arena Update: New Best-of-3 Clock, Stained-Glass Planeswalkers & Basic Land Filter

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
May 16, 2019  03:52 PM

Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering Arena is getting another update on May 23, and Wizards of the Coast have announced the new additions players will be getting in the game, including a new clock for best-of-3 matches, stained-glass art planeswalker cards, and basic land filter. 

The May update will add a new best-of-3 match clock that will give each player 30 minutes that will count down whenever that player has priority, for a total of 60 minutes per match between players (excluding sideboarding). Players who use up all of their allotted time before the match is over will receive a match loss regardless of their current win/loss record. They can check how much time they have left by mousing over their timers, and it will automatically become visible once their match times gets low.


The new update will give players a chance of winning stained-glass art planeswalkers by playing a brand-new story-driven event series called War of the Spark: Chronicles. There will be no entry fees to join these events and the rewards will be based on the number of wins you get but there's no limit to how many games it takes for you to get there. 

The new update will also add a "Basic Land" filter option so you can choose what basic land illustrations you want to use for your decks, and this includes deck building during Limited events like Draft and Sealed. 

The next Magic Arena update after the May update is expected to be out in June before Core Set 2020 releases. Maintenance information will be available on the Arena's status page

Are you excited for the new Magic Arena update this month? 

Watch our new Magic Arena video below: 


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