Magic: The Gathering Arena Mastery System Changes Announced

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
July 11, 2019  11:26 AM


Wizards of the Coast has announced the changes they made on the Magic: The Gathering Arena's Mastery System for the July 10 update. This is in response to the criticisms MTG Arena's Mastery System received earlier this month, and it looks like they've listened to the players' feedback so they can make some improvements. 

The main criticism was the daily limit of wins players can get each day, and it looks like they've addressed that concern with the latest update. They made updates to the Mastery System rewards to better balance daily versus weekly play. 

> Weekly win rewards are back. For your first 15 wins of the week you will get 250 XP per win.

> XP will be removed from daily wins. They’ll still award gold and individual card rewards (ICRs).

> Quests will still give out XP, but we’re lowering it to 500 per quest; the amount of available XP has increased overall, with the difference being earned through weekly wins.

> Through events and codes, there will still be another 15+ levels of XP players can earn over the course of a set.

The update also announced the following changes: 

> All players will begin at 0/15 Weekly Wins, regardless of Daily Wins rewards they have already received.

> All Quests (including those in progress) will reward 500 XP.

> Players will keep any XP they have previously earned from Daily Wins and/or Quests; we are not retroactively lowering the amount of XP you’ve earned.

Wizards of the Coast also announced changes with the Mastery System's progression. Those who play more regularly will end up with a higher expected level overall but the difference isn't as drastic. 

Wizards also announced that they will bring in a new set of Chronicles event that will begin at the end of this month and contribute to Set Mastery by offering an extra 1,000 XP per week of rewards (along with other rewards). As previously announced, they will also remove the Level Up purchase button at the end of this month. 

Check out the list of free Magic Arena codes to see how you can get extra XP points and levels. 

Watch our new MTG Arena video below: 

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