Magic: The Gathering Arena Highly Anticipated Feature Delayed

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October 18, 2019  04:37 PM


Last month, Wizards of the Coast and the developers of Magic: The Gathering Arena revealed that they're working on developing a Friends List feature that was expected to be added to the free-to-play game this month, but fans will have to wait longer as today's MTG Arena State of the Beta just announced that this feature is being delayed. 

According to today's State of the Beta, they are delaying the Friends List feature because their priority right now is focusing on performance improvements and client health, and that they didn't want to risk adding a new feature until they've made more progress in that area. "For those of you looking forward to this, we apologize for the delay," Wizards wrote. "Everything we had previously announced for our social features remains on the roadmap (friends messaging, friend deck sharing), with the goal to expand these features beyond that (eight-person drafts, spectating, four-player formats, etc.) when the time comes."

Here was the roadmap of features they're planning to add on Magic Arena

The Friends List would be a great feature to help connect with your Magic Arena friends, and I'm a bit surprised that it's taking them awhile to add this kind of feature on the game. 

In addition to the delay information, Wizards addressed the technical issues they were recently working on Magic Arena, including game crashes, memory lllocation, reconnection issues, and FPS drops. They also talked about the upcoming Brawl events coming to MTG Arena next week. 

Hopefully, they will add the Friends List feature within a few weeks but let's cross our fingers. 

Watch our MTG Arena video below: 

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