Magic: The Gathering & My Little Pony Crossover Set Raised A Lot of Money For Charity

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
January 13, 2020  04:50 PM


Last October, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast launched a charity-driven Magic: The Gathering crossover with My Little Pony called Ponies: The Galloping, and it was available on HasbroPulse for a limited time. Most of the proceeds of the sales were donated to the Extra Life, a charity organization that raises money for children's hospitals through gaming initiatives. Today, WotC has taken it to Twitter to thank the fans who helped contribute to their Ponies: The Galloping charity. The crossover project helped them raise $784,186 for the fantastic cause of helping sick kids around the world. 

The three-card promotional Pony: The Galloping set features a silver-bordered, double-sided Princess Luna/ NIghtmare Moon" card; "Twilight Sparkle"; and "Rarity" card, and each set costs $50 USD with $30 going to the Extra Life. 

The Ponies: The Galloping playmats from UltraPRO were also available on HasbroPulse but are sold out within minutes of going on sale. The $100 playmat bundle ($80 went toward charity) comes with three mats (two single-sided, one double-sided). 

The My Little Pony digital card sleeves were also available on Magic Arena from October 28 to November 2. 

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