MTG Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest Spoilers Revealed

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August 24, 2019  04:02 PM


Before Magic: The Gathering fans can get their hands on the new Throne of Eldraine cards this October, fans will be able to get to read the story set in the fairy tale-themed plane, and it looks like a familiar planeswalker will be returning. 

The first chapter of Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest by Kate Elliott recently hit the webs, and it revealed some interesting details about the upcoming expansion's new story. Here are some highlights that Redditor Venator61 pointed out:

> Garruk returns

> He is mesmerized / enslaved by a fey planeswalker called Oko


> The High King , father of Will and Rowan, is making a Grand Procession, a first-harvest tour of all five courts of the Realm


> Rowan's healer friend Cerise rides a bearded unicorn


We also learn that the new planeswalker named Oko is a fey, has thorn and vine magic, and has the ability to brainwash people and shapeshift. Oko sounds like a blue/green planeswalker to me. The central conflict of Throne of Eldraine probably involves Garruk and Oko seeking "rule-bound tyrants" to against Rowan and Will. 

What do you think about Throne of Eldraine's story so far? 

The ebook will be available in English for $3.99 everywhere Penguin Random House publishes ebooks, including Amazon, the Apple Store, and Barnes & Noble. You can preorder The Wildered Quest beginning July 27 and the book will be released on September 4. The Throne of Eldraine set is said to be inspired by the romantic Arthurian legend of Camelot and Grimms' Fairy Tales. It will be released on October 4.


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