MTG Nexus of Fate Turbo Fog Standard Deck Win Rate Percentage Revealed

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Last weekend's Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour 25th Anniversary was loaded with some interesting surprises, and when it comes to breakout decks, two new builds came in mind: the Modern Black/Red Vengevine deck and the Standard Bant Nexus of Fate Turbo Fog deck. It turned out that six pro players ran the Nexus of Fate deck, and if you're wondering how well it did at the Pro Tour, Seth a.k.a. Saffron Olive has shared some numbers. 

Over on Twitter, Saffron Olive said that he received reports on four of the six Nexus of Fate Turbo Fog players from the Pro Tour, and after adding up all the results, he tweeted the match win rate percentage to be 73.07%. Check out his tweet below: 

Wow! That's not bad for a Turbo Fog Standard deck. When was the last time we've seen Turbo Fog in a competitive Standard metagame? Now, I regret selling four copies of my Nexus of Fate but I'll find two more so I can build this deck. I enjoy running Turbo Fog decks like this. 

Despite the deck's recent success, some fans still criticize the card's limited availability. Nexus of Fate was only made available as a buy-a-box promo. That means players had to buy a booster box of Core Set 2018 from a local shop to receive a copy of Nexus of Fate. Of course, you can find the card online but there's no chance you'll get the card from opening a Core Set 2018 booster pack. Now, the card is selling for around $40 to $45 USD each on eBay and other online stores, making it the most expensive Core Set 2018 card, beat Nicol Bolas, the Ravager by about $5 to $10 USD. 

David Williams, one of the players who ran the Nexus of Fate deck at the Pro Tour, shared his decklist and a brief sideboard guide on Twitter: 

Personally, I think it's a fun and viable deck but it probably loses to Blue/White Control easily, and since Greg Orange of Team Hotsauce won the Pro Tour piloting Blue/White Control, we'll probably see more of it in Standard, so I expect the Nexus of Fate's win percentage to go down a bit. 

What do you think about the new Nexus of Fate deck? Do you think the win percentage is accurate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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