MTG Lead Designer Confirms Faeries Are in Throne of Eldraine but The Set Won't Just Be All About Them

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
July 19, 2019  12:06 PM


Wizards of the Coast recently revealed the name of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion coming this fall:Throne of Edlraine, and because of the fairy design of the leaked images from San Diego Comic-Con 2019, many assumed that the set will heavily focus on faeries but according to MTG lead designer Mark Rosewater, they set is not just all about them. 

"Since that was the only hint about the world beside the name, the assumption was made the Faeries must matter a lot to the world," Rosewater said on his Blogatog "They’re there. There are Faeries in the set, but nowhere at the volume or importance that people seem to be assuming. That’s why all the Faerie talk. I promise on Saturday at the Magic panel, I will make it clear what Throne of Eldraine is about."

It sounds like Throne of Eldraine is not a fairy-focused set, as many assumed based on the leaked images. I'm excited to find out what the set is about this Saturday when Wizards of the Coast and Rosewater make the official announcement about the set. 


Watch MTG lead designer Mark Rosewater make the official announcement for Throne of Eldraine in the Magic: The Gathering SDCC panel this Saturday at 6 pm PDT.

Throne of Eldraine is set to release on October 4. Prerelease will be held on September 28-29. 

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