MTG Head Designer Answers An Unstable Question About Wall of Fortune & Sly Spy

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - February 11, 2018

Photo: Wizards of the Coast/ Illustrated by Dmitry Burmak

Earlier this month, a Magic: The Gathering player shared his Unstable draft match experience in which his opponent played a Sly Spy against him. It targets a creature facing right in its art. Here's the post for your reference: 

During an unstable draft, my opponent played sly spy against me, and while I thought wall of fortune would be immune, our spectator said "Well, dice have faces" from r/magicTCG

While he thought that his Wall of Fortune is immune because its art doesn't feature any faces of living creatures, a spectator told them, "Well, dice have faces." 

When it comes to these unstable rules with weird interactions, sometimes you need a Wizards of the Coast official to confirm what actually happens. On his Blogatog page, Magic head designer Mark Rosewater was asked if Sly Spy can target a Wall of Fortune, and he said, "The dice have faces and if they are, in the art, facing right, that counts."

Yep! Sure, dice don't have eyes, ears, and noses, but they do have faces, and you heard it from MaRo himself, so next time you play an Unstable match, don't forget that you can use Sly Spy to smash that Wall of Fortune. 

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