Local Game Store Shows The Power of The Magic: The Gathering Community With Anonymous Gift

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
May 18, 2019  05:18 PM

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At Pandemonium Games in Garden City, Michigan, Mythic Championship Qualifier winner has received an anonymous gift so he can travel to Magic: The Gathering's Mythic Championship IV at Barcelona, Spain.

A couple of weekends ago, MTG player Nick won the Mythic Championship Qualifier, qualifying him for the Mythic Championship event (the new term for Pro Tour) but travel expenses to Barcelona, Spain is not cheap so a generous anonymous person has given Nick $800 USD to help Nick travel to Barcelona to pursue his dream as an MTG pro player. The person who handed the money to Nick in the video clip posted on Reddit said that the anonymous giver was in a similar position as Nick a few years ago but in a better position now. 

You can watch the clip below: 

The Power of Community from r/magicTCG

Even the last place player at the Mythic Championship will receive $500 so that could also help cover the cost of travel but seeing a college student receive a generous gift to help achieve his dreams is great to see and this moment shows the power of the Magic community. 


Watch our new Magic Arena video below: 

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