Live-Action Gundam Film Will Focus on Female Characters

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 02, 2018  04:20 PM

Legendary Pictures and Sunrise are developing a live-action film based on Gundam, the popular Japanese anime franchise that defined the robot "mecha" genre. 

During a recent interview with Weekly Playboy (via Gundam Universe), Sunrise's president Miyawaka Yasuo said that the creative team is planning to highlight the female characters in the live-action film. 

"We are also aware of the cultural movement shaking the U.S. these days. As such, we are looking into how the presence of Gundam’s many female characters can be enhanced in this live-action film."

Finding inspiration for female characters from the anime series shouldn't be an issue. Over the years, various Gundam series have featured female pilots. Mobile Suit Gundam 080: War in the Pocket has even featured female Gundam pilots as leads. 

When previously discussing what fans expect from the film, Yasuo said that they will  "try to avoid a simplistically military character to history and especially to the protagonists. And also to turn the latter into a kind of superhero."

Are you excited to see the live-action Gundam film? 

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