List of Magic: The Gathering Players Invited To Magic Pro League 2020 Revealed

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
December 09, 2019  03:05 PM


With another year coming to an end, big changes are coming to the competitive esports scene of Magic: The Gathering, and Wizards of the Coast is preparing a new group of players that will be a part of the Magic Pro League, which consists of players from around the world who are offered contracts by WotC to compete and stream as part of the ongoing esports competition just introduced this year. Today WotC has revealed the players who earned an invite to the MPL, and they include the following players: 


As you can see, the Top 20 players of the 2019 MPL made it in the 2020 MPL with newcomers Chris Kvartek, Raphael Levy, Gabriel Nassif, and Ondrej Strasky. 

And here are the players invited for the Rivals League:

Congrats to the players who earned the invites to the MPL and Rivals League!

For more details about the MPL and the Rivals League, check out the details for the 2020 MTG esports here

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