Lack of Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Coverage Leads To Top 8 Prank

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 13, 2019  03:39 PM


Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix tournaments are not getting as much coverage as it used to, and a recent social media prank brought the issue to light. 

Earlier this week, Mage Market co-founder who goes by "Peer from Mage" on Twitter pulled a social media prank, tweeting that he made it in the Top 8 at the Grand Prix Minneapolis last weekend. 

While his tweet was probably meant as a PR stunt, his social media prank showed how hard it is for the Magic community to get updates from MagicFest and Grand Prix tournaments. 

Compared to previous years, Magic Grand Prix events this year have been getting less video coverage. At the beginning of the 2019-2020 Magic season, Wizards of the Coast seemed to have shifted their coverage focus on bigger events like the Mythic Championships and the Mythic Invitational at PAX East earlier this year. The lack of coverage seemed to have started around the MagicFest New Jersey weekend when the Top 8 of Grand Prix New Jersey didn't get any video coverage, and the champion even said that he didn't receive a trophy when he won the tournament.

Even after CFB Events took over the video coverage for MTG Grand Prix events last January, it's still difficult for many to keep track of what's happening in those tournaments. 

When Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas won Grand Prix Denver last month, a lot of Magic fans learned the news from his tweet instead of finding out about it in an official video coverage. 

Despite Magic leading Hasbro's Q2 2019 earnings, the success of Magic Arena, and Magic having its most successful year ever, it's likely that the budget for MTG Grand Prix coverages has been cut significantly, and this social media prank proves how difficult is it for fans to get updates from these tournaments. 

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