Jacksonville Man in Jail After Being Accused of Threatening Magic: The Gathering Players

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 14, 2019  11:15 PM

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A Jacksonville man has been accused of threatening a group of Magic: The Gathering players, and now he's in jail, Action News Jax reports

Jacksonville Game Center owner Timothy Miller told the news outlet that he called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after seeing a Facebook video uploaded by 36-year-old Conrad Ginder.

According to the JSO report on Ginder's arrest, he is seen waving a short barrel-shotgun and threatening a group of men whom he plays Magic. The video has already been taken down. 

Miller wrote an email to Action News Jax explaining why he reported Ginder: "In reporting the incident, which did not occur at our location, to the proper authorities; we did what we felt was necessary to insure that our dedication to the safety of our guests, both while they are here, and (as much as possible, when they are not) was maintained,”

Miller said that Ginder has been coming to the Game Center for about a year. 

The JSO report revealed that a family member surrendered Ginder's gun to the police. 

This is not the first time we shared the news about an incident involving Magic: The Gathering players. Back in 2017, a man was arrested after fighting over the rules of Magic. 

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