Hasbro Will No Longer Use Plastic For Game & Toy Packaging

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 20, 2019  03:48 PM


Rhode Island-based toy company Hasbro has announced Tuesday that it will start removing plastics from its packaging. 

According to the manufacturer, it will eliminate packaging such as blister packs, elastic bands, shrink wrap, and window sheets next year. 

“Removing plastic from our packaging is the latest advancement in our more than decade-long journey to create a more sustainable future for our business and our world,” Hasbro Chairman and CEO, Brian Goldner said in a statement.

Hasbro said that redesigning its packaging to remove plastic "is a complex undertaking."

"We know consumers share our commitment to protecting the environment, and we want families to feel good knowing that our packaging will be virtually plastic-free, and our products can be easily recycled through our Toy Recycling Program with TerraCycle," Hasbro President and COO John Frascotti added. 

Hasbro plans to start phasing out plastics in 2020 and hopes to remove its use in new products' packaging by 2022. According to NBC10, Hasbro previously eliminated wire ties in 2010 and added recycling instructions in 2016. 

It's still unclear how they will change packaging for products like Magic: The Gathering. Magic booster boxes use shrink wrap to protect from theft and damage. Hopefully, they will find a solution that doesn't rely on plastics. Even paper thick enough to be protective wouldn't enclose the Magic cards snugly. Paper flexible and thin enough would not provide adequate protection against moisture so it looks like it will be a challenge for Hasbro to redesign packaging for their products. 

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