First Photos of Dwayne Johnson in Rampage

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - November 14, 2017

The Rock has finally found a co-star bigger than him. 

USA Today has released new photos featuring Dwayne Johnson in the film adaptation of Midway's classic arcade game, Rampage. Johnson is seen wielding a huge weapon, ready to kill some monsters. 

In Rampage, Johnson plays Davis Okoye, a heroic primatologist whose best friend is a 7-foot-tall, 500-pound rare albino silverback gorilla named George. His character gets along with animals way better than people. "When animals like you, they lick you. When they don’t like you, they eat you," Johnson says. "That’s his philosophy, which has gotten him far in life." 

An experimental serum causes George and other creatures to go on a path of destruction. 

“Like with anything that powerful, you have to really be careful that you’re utilizing it wisely and not for the wrong reasons,” Johnson explains.

Johnson compared San Andreas previous film with director Brad Peyton, who also directed Rampage. “You have to ratchet up the dial 10 times with Rampage,” Johnson says. “These monsters are relentless, and audiences are going to find that ride very exhilarating. As an actor in the movie, it’s fun and daunting. It’s 12- to 14-hour days of survival, and it’s not quiet survival either.”

Starring beside Johnson is Naomie Harris, who plays the genetic scientist, Dr. Kate Caldwell. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Harvey Russel, a government agent focused on trapping the rampaging monsters. 

I wasn't a huge fan of this game when I played it in the 90s. The game didn't really have a compelling story to tell, and I don't the film will change that. 

Rampage will be released in theaters on April 20, 2018. 

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