Facebook Censors Coronavirus Memes with Zombies & Cthulhu For Sharing False Information

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
March 25, 2020  03:23 PM


With millions of people all over the world staying at home to quarantine themselves from the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak, the Internet is enjoying the latest memes inspired by the pandemic, and there's a bunch of them that will make you laugh. However, Facebook has censored some of the obviously fictional ones for "False Information" that were checked by "Independent fact-checkers". 

For instance, check out this COVID-19 meme featuring Cthulhu, the iconic cosmic entity created by writer H.P. Lovecraft. This meme was posted on the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Rock My World Facebook page

(Note that the embedded posts below don't show it as censored but when you view it on Facebook, they are censored the way shown in the screenshots below). 

Thanks for confirming that Cthulhu doesn't exist, Independent fact-checkers!

Another post from Coronavirus Public Meme Service, a Facebook dedicated to Coronavirus memes, got the same kind of censorship: 

It's hilarious that Facebook is fact-checking memes that obviously feature creatures that don't exist in this world. I guess Facebook's anti-fake news alogirthms just can't take a joke. The reactions in the comments are also amusing. 

Maybe Facebook memers need their own multipass: 

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