Did Wizards of the Coast Just Reveal The Name of The Next Magic: The Gathering Set?

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January 10, 2019  02:16 PM

Wizards of the Coast

While every Magic: The Gathering player is excited for the upcoming set Ravnica Allegiance, many are still wondering what the third Ravnica set will be called, and now, we might know what it is thanks to a new teaser Wizards of the Coast recently put up.

We already know that the story for the next Magic: The Gathering set will still be set in the world of Ravnica, and according to Wizards of the Coast, the set's focus "will be on the culmination of the story and not the guilds". Although they didn't announce the title of the Spring 2019 set yet, the latest teaser might have revealed what it's called. 

On the official Magic: The Gathering product website, a new teaser was revealed and it shows the title "War of the Spark" with the message "Coming April 2019" on the bottom. You can check out the screenshot from the website below: 

Wizards of the Coast

The set after Ravnica Allegiance is expected to release in April 2019 and we already know that it will be more focused on the story about the conflict with Nicol Bolas in Ravnica, so War of the Spark is a fitting title for that. There's also an image of Liliana above the teaser with the words "Coming soon". The story of the third set is expected to focus on the climax of the war between the group of Planeswalkers called The Gatewatch and Nicol Bolas (and his loyal followers). 

While the best guess is that "War of the Spark" is the name of the Spring 2019 Magic: The Gathering set, it's possible that it could be a name for a Magic supplemental product that Wizards of the Coast haven't announced yet. We'll have to wait until WOTC spills more details about War of the Spark but fans should be excited for it as head designer Mark Rosewater recently expressed how he's super excited for the Magic products coming this year

Pre-release events for Ravnica Allegiance will take place on January 19, 2019; the set will officially be released on January 25. 

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