Deadpool 2: Here's How Pierce Brosnan Could Look Like as Cable

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
January 18, 2017  12:13 PM

After enjoying the success of last year's Deadpool, 20th Century Fox is beginning to turn its attention to Deadpool 2. John Wick co-director David Leitch will helm the sequel following Tim Miller's departure from the project. Filming for Deadpool 2 will begin this summer, but of course, they would need to find an actor to play Cable, the time-traveling mutant who will team up with Cable in the sequel. 

So far, no actor has been confirmed to play Cable yet, but earlier this week, Reynolds shared a photo of himself with Hugh Jackman and former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan on social media. Of course, some fans speculated that Brosnan might play Cable in Deadpool 2. There was no official announcement regarding the image, but that didn't stop fans from imagining what Brosnan would look like as Cable. 

Artist BossLogic (Comicbook exclusive) created a piece that shows Brosnan's rendition of Cable, and he looks like a badass grizzled action hero. Check out the image below:

Brosnan certainly has the look to play the role even though he's not the obvious choice. Since principal photography will begin in June, the studio still has time to decide who will play Cable. 

Would you like to see Brosnan play Cable in Deadpool 2

Source: Comicbook

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