Brandon Sanderson Wrote A Magic: The Gathering Novella

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December 12, 2018  11:21 AM

Wizards of the Coast

Brandon Sanderson, the author of fantasy novels such as the Mistborn series and Stormlight Archive, has been a fan of Magic: The Gathering and on Tuesday, IO9 revealed Sanderson's upcoming Magic: The Gathering novella titled Magic: Children of the Nameless. Sanderson collaborated with Magic's story team at Wizards of the Coast, and it follows a young girl named Tacenda, who is capable of great magic, until tragedy hits at the worst possible time but during that tragedy, Tacenda meets a mysterious new Planeswalker named Davriel, designed by Sanderson himself. 

Here's the cover of Sanderson's Magic: Children of the Nameless illustrated by Chris Rahn. 

And here's the synopsis: 

Since the day she was born, Tacenda has been both blessed and cursed. Blessed by a powerful protection spell of unknown origin, she has warded her family and friends against any number of horrors over her 15 years. Cursed because the horrors which visit her small Kessig village are both numerous and frequent. Then, one night, for no reason she can fathom, her sacred song of protection fails. Seeking revenge on the man she believes responsible for the failure and the consequent destruction of everything she loves, she breaks into the manor of the local lord, a known consorter with demons. There she discovers the beginnings of an even greater mystery… starting with the fact the Lord of the Manor is anything but local…

That sounds epic and I'm glad that Sanderson is writing a story about a character he designed instead of writing about the Gatewatch. The American author is having a Reddit AMA this Thursday, and you can read his interview with iO9 here. You can also read the first chapter in that link. 

Sanderson is one of my favorite authors and I'm excited to read his Magic novella. 

Magic: Children of the Nameless will be available to download for free on Wizards of the Coast's official Magic website

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