After His Standard Banning, Magic: The Gathering's Oko is Clearly Looking to Expand in Other Games

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December 12, 2019  02:16 PM


Riot Games has revealed the latest champion of League of Legends, Sett, in a lore post on the game's website, giving us a look at his character design, background story, and abilities. This reveal comes almost two months after the developer first teased the Ionian boss in its October Champion Roadmap, when it revealed that Sett would be an Ionian criminal who "will thrive at the center of the brawl." Soon after Sett was officially revealed, Magic: The Gathering fans were quick to notice the character's resemblance to the recently-introduced planeswalker from Eldraine, Oko. 

Check out how similar their character designs are:

Both Sett and Oko have long ears, high cheekbones, and similar ripped body strucuture, and they're both notorious in their own ways. Sett is described as a prominent leader in Ionia's sprawling criminal underworld while Oko is known as the "Thief of Crowns". However, their attributes are quite different: Sett is described as a savage fighter with an impressive ability to take a beating, and Oko is a charistmatic shapeshifter with healing and mind-controlling powers. 

Who do you think is the cooler character: Sett or Oko? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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