Adam Savage Says Star Trek is Too Optimistic and Less Realistic Than Star Wars

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
July 21, 2017  01:15 PM

Over the years, fans have engaged in a classic Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, arguing which franchise is better, and at SDCC, former Mythbusters star Adam Savage made his opinions clear about the comparison. According to Savage, Star Trek is too optimistic and lacks the realism of what Star Wars' dystopic vision shows. Here's what he said (via iO9)

Star Trek lures you into a false sense of positivity that the world can be a utopia and recent events have proven it cannot. Star Wars’ dystopic vision is far more realistic and prepares our children for their future.

That was pretty savage but he makes a good point. Although I wouldn't consider the new trilogy of Star Trek films "optimistic". Even the some of the TV episodes had dark moments but not as dark as what we've seen in Star Wars films, and that's why I have to agree with Savage when it comes to that. 

What do you think about Savage's opinion? Do you agree with what he said? 

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