3 New Chandra Magic: The Gathering Cards From Core Set 2020 Revealed

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June 11, 2019  01:15 PM

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One of the most iconic Magic: The Gathering heroes over the years is Chandra Nalaar. Her character was even chosen to herald the recent announcement of Netflix's partnership with Wizards of the Coast and the Russo brothers to produce the animated Magic: The Gathering series on Netflix.

She's also featured on the packaging of the upcoming Core Set 2020, which is set to release next month, so fans are expecting to see a Chandra card in the new Core set. Today, IO9 has revealed that there are three new Chandra cards and each of them has a different rarity. 

Check them out: 

Chandra, the Novice Pyromancer (Uncommon)

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame (Rare)

Chandra, Awakened Inferno (Mythic Rare)

Magic: The Gathering Art Director Taylor Ingvarsson recently talked to IO9 about how the art team used Chandra's presence in the set to visually explore her growth. “Chandra is a master pyromancer, a headstrong pursuer of justice, and a loyal friend," Ingvarsson said. "Since she is the star of the Core Set 2020 card set, we wanted to do something special and create alternative representations of our favorite fire mage.”

“This all kicked off when Jenna Helland came up with the fun idea to explore some alternate looks for Chandra that illustrate her journey as she matured into the Planeswalker that we know and love today,” Ingvarsson added. “Since there were four different Chandra Planeswalker cards tied to Core Set 2020, this gave us the opportunity to showcase different aspects of this interesting, nuanced character. We could have shown her jumping, leaping, and blasting things with fire in all of them, but Jenna’s idea was such an elegant visual solution that added more variety to this product so we were excited to jump on the opportunity.”

Are you a fan of these three new Chandra cards from Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020 is set to be released on July 12, 2019. Core Set 2020 is also coming to Magic Arena, with preorders for the set opening in the game later this week on June 13. The Core Set 2020 bundle in Arena includes a mythic rare Planeswalker card for Chandra as a bonus. 

Watch our new Magic Arena video below: 

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