3 More Clues For The Mysterious Magic: The Gathering Product Called Secret Lair

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November 21, 2019  09:03 AM


Wizards of the Coast has been teasing its mysterious Magic: The Gathering product called Secret Lair on Twitter since Wednesday, and although we still have to wait until November 25 before it's officially revealed, fans now have more clues to work with thanks to the recent tweets. 

The first clue reveals a "cycle of basics" but they're "definitely not basic", and the tweet features a short clip revealing five cards on a bowl of ice inside a refrigerator. 

Another clue teases another clip of a shovel digging for what looks like a black box, and it comes with a riddle: "Stop me if you've heard this one before: A human, a vampire, and a green sorcery walk into a graveyard."

Finally, the third tweet reveals a Secret Lair poster art of a female face. "This is the weirdest art we've ever put on this sorcery," the tweet reads. "Except for the other three versions that come with it in the box."

This could be something like the From the Vault products that include premium versions of cards that share a theme. 

Yesterday, one of the tweets revealed that the "Secret Lair" is a "premade box just for you and the very particular things you love about Magic".

We'll have to wait until Monday, November 25 to find out. It seems that WotC has been doing more mysterious marketing hype for their products lately with the Mystery Booster and now, this.

What do you think is the Secret Lair? Let us know in the comments section below what you think.

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