2 Arrested For Allegedly Trying to Sell Stolen Magic: The Gathering Cards at Roseville Comic Store

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
September 26, 2019  11:38 AM


A man and woman allegedly tried to sell some stolen Magic: The Gathering cards at a Roseville comic book store have been arrested, according to police, CBS Sacramento reports. 

Last week, the two entered a store called A-1 Comics along the 800 block of Sunrise Avenure and attempted to get a collection of MTG cards appraised, but when the store noticed that they had several rare and expensive cards in the collection, they started getting suspicious, thinking it's odd that the pair was trying to sell the rare cards without knowing their value, so the employees contacted their sister shop in Folsom and asked if anyone had reported their card collection stolen.

It turns out that a customer named John Bartuska reported that he had his card collection in his backpack stolen during a recent car break-in in Cameron Park on Saturday, and according to FOX 40, he estimates that they are worth $1,200. Bartuska called A-1 Comics, and gave a detailed description of the cards, confirming that it's his collection. He told FOX40 that "They have three stores and they all communicated really well with each other." 

Roseville police set up a sting operation with the employees to "pay out" for the collection, and the two returned to the store as police waited out nearby. "They showed up to get the cash and our officers met them there to take them into custody," Baquera told FOX40. 41-year-old Jesse Lee Casey and 35-year-old Sarah Marie Huber were arrested inside forpossession of stolen property, attempting to sell stolen property, and drug-related charges. 

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