Magic: The Gathering "Mystery Boosters" Revealed

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November 07, 2019  09:07 PM


Today, at MagicFest Richmond, Wizards of the Coast has revealed what the Magic: The Gathering "Mystery Boosters" are: It's an upcoming huge MTG set that's described as a mix of "Chaos Draft and Future Sight". 

Over on Twitter, Senior Designer Gavin Verhey said that each pack has 2 commons/uncommons of each color, 1 multicolored C/U, 1 artifact/land C/U, 1 playtest card, 1 Magic 2015 forward rare or mythic rare, and one pre-M15 card in its original frame. 

Verhey said that the set has more than 1,000 cards, and less than 2,000, and the playtest cards "range from things we'd never do to things we're interested in doing and want feedback on". 

On what cards might be a part of the set, Vehey said, "We curated the list of what cards can appear here. The set is huge and easily the largest set ever... but very, very far from everything."

This seems like a fun new MTG product that could also tease some cards we could potentially see in Magic's future sets. Players have shared some of the playtest cards on social media, and some of them have some weird abilities like land tokens, and cool creatures like a Sliver Eldrazi.

At the Weekly MTG stream on Twitch, Verhey said that the new product won't be available until March 2020.

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