How Commander Legends Magic: The Gathering Booster Draft Works Differently

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October 21, 2020  03:07 PM


Commander Legends, the first-ever Magic: The Gathering Commander set designed to be drafted, is scheduled to release next month, and official previews will begin to reveal new cards soon even though some of them have already been leaked. In today's episode of Good Morning Magic, Senior MTG Designer Gavin Verhey talked about how Commander Legends Booster Draft rules are different compared to the typical Commander rules, and explains why Wizards of the Coast set those rules for the upcoming set. 

Here's a list of rules for Commander Legends Limited formats (Booster Draft and Sealed):

Each player drafts two cards in each 20-card Commander Legends pack

No singleton rule: you can run as many copies of any card you want in Commander Legends Limited formats. 

Minimum card count in each Commander deck is 60 instead of 100. 



In the video, Verhey explains that due to the higher chance of getting duplicate cards, they removed the Singleton rule that the Commander rule typically have, but said that due to the set's size and amount of commons, Commander Legends still has the Singleton nature of Commander. He also explains that the two reasons why they decided to set the minimum deck count to 60 cards instead of 100: accessibility and set size/duplicates. It would be harder to balance a Draft deck if it has to consist 100 cards. 

Verhey also notes that Booster Draft can ideally be played with just four players, and recommends that if there are 6 to 8 players, games should be split into two; 4 to 5 players in one game; 3 or fewer players in Sealed format. 

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