Final Fantasy XVI Story Details and Characters Revealed

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October 30, 2020  04:19 PM


Square Enix has launched the official website for Final Fantasy XVI on Thursday morning, revealing more details expanding information on information from the reveal trailer released last month. 

The website reveals that Final Fantasy XVI is set in Valisthea, a world with most of its nations built around Mothercrystals, huge crystal mountains that supply aether to the areas around them. Each Mothercrystal has an affiliated Eikon, which fans of the RPG series will recognize as summons (or Guardian Forces, Primals, Eidolons) from previous games. Each Eikon chooses a Dominant to bestow its power upon, and while some nations hold their Dominants to high positions and praise, other nations condemn theirs, with some Dominants "being forced to serve as weapons of war". The website reveals that the spread of the Blight threatens to destroy the dominions of the Mothercrystal. 

We also learn about the six realms of Valisthea: The Grand Duchy, The Holy Empire of Sanbreque, The Kingdom of Waloed, The Dhalmekian Republic, The Iron Kingdom, and The Crystalline Dominion. 

We also learn that FFXVI's protagonist's name is Clive Rosfield, who is the older brother of the red-wearing child from the trailer, Joshua Rosfield. The website also introduces Jill Warrick, a childhood friend to the Rosfield brothers, who isn't from their homeland but was raised alongside them, and has become a trusted confidant to the brothers. 

Joshua is a Dominant, so he can summon his nation's related Eikon, Phoenix. The character bios hint at a tragedy that happens between the Rosfield brothers involving Ifrit that causes Clive to start on a "dangerous road to revenge." 

Final Fantasy XVI is currently in development for PlayStation 5; no official release date has been announced yet. 

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