Commander Legends Leaker Has to Return Cards Because 'eBay Listing Was Stolen'

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October 20, 2020  04:50 PM


An anonymous leaker who goes by the name NoUserNamePlz has been sharing photos of the brand new Magic: The Gathering cards from Commander Legends, the upcoming first-ever Commander set designed to be drafted. The leaker revealed cards he got from German Commander Legends booster packs on the Aminoapps website, and according to him, he was still planning to open three more booster packs, but looks like fans will have to wait for the official previews to find out more Commander Legends cards because the leaker said that he has to return all the packs back to the "original company". 

On the Aminoapps website, he made a new blog explaining why he has to return the Commander Legends products: "Well guys, looks like our worst fears have come to pass. Turns out the original Ebay listing I bought was stolen, so I had to end up giving the packs back to the original company," he said. "They also wanted me to take down the posts, and while that can't stop the images from circulating, I still went through with that as a gesture of goodwill."

"Unfortunately this means I can't post any more leaks, however I'm still excited about the new set!" he added. "I can assure you guys there wasn't anything too crazy in the last three packs I opened, so you aren't missing out on much."

Recently, the leaker shared cards from Commander Legends including an expensive reprint and new legendary creatures. 

Wizards of the Coast will likely reveal the official previews for Commander Legends in the upcoming weeks. 

Commander Legends product and events will be available on Magic Online on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

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