J.J. Abrams Script For Star Wars Episode IX Will Be The Fourth Rewrite

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - September 13, 2017

With Trevorrow out of the directing chair for Star Wars Episode IX, J.J. Abrams will be taking over the new script with help from Justice League writer Chris Terrio. As ScreenRant has pointed out, this will actually be the fourth rewrite happening to the movie, and they’ve broken down the three other different versions of the script before Abrams came onboard.

THE FIRST DRAFT – Trevorrow was hired back in 2015, and he brought alongside his writing partner Derek Connolly to come up with a script. With Lucasfilm still being unsure on whether Episode IX would be the end of the story or not, there were bound to be delays. Not to mention, Trevorrow was also doing his work on The Book of Henry.

THE SCRIPT WITHOUT LEIA – It can be safe to assume that Leia was planned to return to the last movie, but with Carrie Fisher’s untimely death, plans would have to be changed. It can be pointed out that Han Solo took the spotlight in TFA, with Luke getting his backstory revealed in TLJ. Episode IX would have probably had more Leia, but with everything that happened, a new script had to made which didn’t have General Organa in it at all.

THE JACK THORNE SCRIPT – Last August saw Jack Thorne being hired to do a rewrite of Trevorrow’s script, and barely a month passed when they announced that Trevorrow was fired. We have no idea exactly how Thorne doctored the screenplay, but it’s safe to assume that Abrams will be bringing his own spin to things.

Now we’re getting a new script from Abrams and Terrio, and as of now, reception has been positive, but not without its few gripes. Terrio’s work on BvS was not something a lot of people were fans of, so some people can’t be blamed for being a little pessimistic. Hopefully Abrams will be able to collaborate with him properly to deliver something all of us (including Lucasfilm) will be happy with.

Star Wars Episode IX is set to come out December 2019, but we can check out The Last Jedi Dec. 15 this year.


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