Is Deadpool’s Tim Miller Officially Directing Terminator 6?

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - September 13, 2017

Tim Miller may have left the Deadpool sequel, but it looks like he’s found some new work with James Cameron and the Terminator franchise. Skydance (via Skynet’s Army) has posted up a new poster for an upcoming event, and the description could possibly confirm that Miller is attached to direct the next Terminator movie.

Skydance has been posting this up on their social media pages:

Source: Skydance (via Skynet's Army)

And with that comes a description which states:

Join filmmakers James Cameron and Tim Miller on the Paramount Lot for an exclusive conservation with The Hollywood Reporter’s Matt Belloni about their collaboration on the upcoming Terminator.

It doesn’t outright say that Miller is going to direct the project, but with the rumors that he was being tapped to direct early on, this could very well be the confirmation that everyone was looking for.

After Terminator: Genysis was met with terrible reviews, it looks like James Cameron has taken the reigns once more to see if he could steer the franchise toward a better direction. With Miller doing some stellar work with Deadpool, I’m thinking his work on a Terminator movie could actually turn out pretty great.

As of now, we still have no idea on whether this Terminator will be another reboot or a continuation of Genysis, but we do know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is still game to come back to the franchise.

No official release date has been announced for Terminator 6.

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