Injustice 2 May Get Mortal Kombat Characters, More DC Fighters Teased

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - November 19, 2016

NetherRealm Studios’ follow-up to the 2013 hit superhero brawler Injustice Gods Among Us has certainly been awaited by fans. To make sure that fans keep Injustice 2 as a top-of-mind title among fans, NetherRealm creative boss Ed Boon teased and announced the results of two unofficial polls.



First off, in the best Mortal Kombat guest character, it’s not surprising that Subzero came out the winner given the three other options, Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Jax. The vote was from almost 20,00 fans who preferred the ice-wielding ninja to come into the game.



The other poll was for a crossover that was not from the Mortal Kombat franchise. The winner was Spawn by a whopping 45%, followed by Hellboy, Terminator, and Buffy.

Boon had also answered very quickly a number of fan questions regarding Injustice 2. He had promised that a lot of great ones will be coming as additional characters in Injustice 2.



Returning characters will have some new moves, while those who are looking forward to a possible demo or beta can still continue to hope. Boon confirmed that there is a chance that this will happen.

One fan even threw in a suggestion for The Flash’s Godspeed costume, which I agree would be a great addition for the character.

Injustice 2 will be out sometime in 2017.

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