Injustice 2 Comic Introduces New Bat-Kid

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 17, 2017

The adventure that NetherRealm Studios started in 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us continues. This time, it’s bound to expand the universe in Injustice 2, and not just in the villains and heroes we’ve seen in the roster.

This is thanks to Tom Taylor’s tie-in comic of the same name. It’s already in its sixth issue, and already, we’re getting deeper into the plot and facing one of the bigger reveals. Spoilers ahead for this one (via

Apparently, Batman has one more kid than what we already know of in his lore. Injustice 2 has cleared the real agenda behind the Superman breakout attempt—and it was nothing but a distraction for the bigger catch. The real target was actually Damian Wayne.

But more importantly, his captor was someone he—or possibly no one—was expecting. Sure, Talia al Ghul was in the scene. Standing next to her was another woman in a very familiar color-coded suit down to that eye mask. Talia introduced Damian to his sister, Athanasia al Ghul. And before the issue ended, she revealed that she’s the daughter of the Bat.

That basically leaves no room for argument as to her origins. Though that’s probably the first of many concerns for readers. As for players of Injustice 2, this begs another question: will we be seeing her in the game?

NetherRealm Studios creative head Ed Boon had already teased that there will be DLC characters, some of which would be a surprise. What better way to commemorate the tie-in than to introduce Batman’s new offspring, so we can see if she managed to get her ways from her father or her mother.



Injustice 2 is already out on platforms and mobile, with the latter being a nice tie-in game.

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This actor may be in The Batman movie.

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