Gotham Brings Mystery Mentor For Bruce

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - January 11, 2017

There haven’t been a lot of mentor figures for Bruce Wayne in Gotham. Alfred Pennyworth (played by Sean Pertwee) is more of an older friend, a guide who can’t really control Bruce as much considering how young he is in Gotham.

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has become more of a distant man who shared a friendship from the past. But if there’s a way for Bruce to slowly get into Batman mode, Fox is making sure that the journey is heading there at some point.

Deadline reported that Raymond J. Barry has joined the cast as a recurring character for David Mazouz’s Bruce. While still unnamed, Barry will be a temple Shaman, one who is supposed to open Bruce’s capabilities.

Are we looking at the kind of training that Christian Bale’s Batman went through in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins? One thing’s for sure, Barry is not necessarily the all-around good guy. The report adds that even though he will help shape Bruce’s fate as the Caped Crusader savior of Gotham, he also has hidden intentions that are treacherous and most possibly dangerous.

Whether or not he will be as big as villain and as slimy a traitor as Theo Galavan, we still have to see. But I’m very interested in Bruce’s quest towards becoming The Bat. After all, his nemesis Joker, who we’re all assuming is Jerome, portrayed by Cameron Monaghan is already shaping into the big trouble that he could potentially be.

Gotham will be returning to Fox on Jan. 16, Monday for the second half of the season.

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