George Lucas Narrative Art Museum Eyes San Francisco, L.A. is Interested

Author Thumbnail BY Jake Vyper - May 16, 2016

Star Wars creator and legendary filmmaker George Lucas is considering San Francisco California as a potential location for his narrative art museum, but it looks like another California city wants to house it as well. 

SFGate reports that a location for the museum has already been approved for development on Treasure Island, following Mayor Ed Lee's lobbying campaign. 

Lucas and the Mayor have talked about the decision and settled on a potential location on the west side. Lee wants to invite Lucas to consider building his museum at that site sometime this week.  "I never gave up on the idea," Lee said of housing the museum in San Francisco. "We have a chance to bring it back, and I want to be open and positive about it."

Los Angeles, however, also wants to have Lucas' museum. According to reports, L.A. mayor Mayor Eric Garcetti has already chosen a possible site  in an art-centric section downtown, and made a statement saying, "We would welcome it in Los Angeles."

Lucas originally planned to open his museum, called the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, in Chicago, but legal and political issues with a local civil group thwarted the Lucas family's plans to look at other locations. 

Lucas' museum will cover 150 years of visual storytelling, with its initial collection of content coming from Lucas, and as the museum grows, will expand on its collection by acquiring more works. 

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