Pokemon Go’s Pokemon Companion System Coming in Next Update

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By Gel Galang | More Articles
September 03, 2016  12:32 PM

Of the many Pokemon that you have already caught in Pokemon Go, are there already a handful that you’ve picked as your favorite? While we can mark our favorite Pokemon in the game, it seems that developer Niantic Labs is looking at another way that we can “get closer” to our ‘mons.

“It’s been a busy summer and, in addition to battling bots and fixing bugs, we’ve also been busy working on some new features for our Pokemon Go Trainers. The next addition to Pokemon Go will be Buddy Pokemon.”

In the new announcement, the developer confirmed that it is already working on another feature, which follows closely to the recently rolled out Pokemon Appraisal feature. The Buddy Pokemon is essentially a way to pick your favorite Pokemon from your Pokedex.

That Pokemon will be your buddy, so the next time you see your Avatar, you will already have your buddy Pokemon by your side. More than just a nice change to the Avatar screen, your Buddy Pokemon will give you some more perks, such as in-game rewards and experiences for walking together. Players will get Candy for walking with their buddy.

If you’re having a hard time picking which Pokemon you want as your buddy, there’s nothing to fear—you can change your Buddy Pokemon any time you need to.

Based on the sample screenshots of the new feature, however, the Buddy Pokemon will only show in the avatar, as well as in a small bubble beside your usual Avatar icon on the map. You won’t see your Buddy Pokemon walking beside you on the map, unless Niantic Labs adds that nifty cute little feature further down the road.

Even more amusing is how the Pokemon may be shown in its actual size when standing beside your Avatar. Just compare how Snorlax, Squirtle, and Charmander all stand beside the Avatar in the image.

There’s no timeline yet on when Niantic Labs plans to release the new feature on Pokemon Go. Niantic Labs has also promised some more features coming sometime in fall. I do hope one of them will be the awaited Legendaries. I’ve already joined Team Instinct—it’s about time we get a shot at getting our team’s respective Legendary Birds.

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