Pokemon Go is So Big, Police Can Now Catch ‘Em Criminals With it

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July 29, 2016  01:42 PM

The players’ stories of Pokemon Go have been amusing at best and horrifying at worst. It’s a stuff of legends—catching a cheating boyfriend, falling for Mewtwo pranks, hiring cabs to drive you to PokeStops, becoming a word in the dictionary, and even finding a dead body while looking for Pokemon.

Given how the game has yet to reach its full potential (read: launch in every country it’s scheduled to), there will still be a lot more to come. Just like this odd tale from the Smithfield Police Department.

The authorities have posted this Pokemon Go post over at the official Smithfield Police Department station, which features the rarest Pokemon in the game, the Ditto. Seen in the post below, the police had furnished a list of names that were supposedly “random citizens” who were chosen to be among the limited number of people who can enter the building to get the rare Pokemon.

Of course, the random citizens weren’t random at all. In fact, they are names of individuals who have outstanding warrants in Smithfield, Sgt. Miller revealed to The Virginian Pilot.

“I have a sense of humor. I had no idea it was going to be this big.”

Funnily enough, not everyone got the joke, as there was at least one user who didn’t get the joke and had asked how they could get on the list. While the names on the list have yet to appear—if they ever do—Miller shared that the Ditto post had obtained some pretty nifty attention on Facebook.


The post had boosted a good day’s worth of 5,000 users to 45,000 for that one post alone.

It’s nice to see that Pokemon Go used in very creative ways to engage socially as in this case. With all the talk about stocks rising and plunging left and right, at least we get some that brings giggles like this one.

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