Game of Thrones Mod for Total War Lets You Reenact Epic Battles

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - February 17, 2017

Fans still have a few good months to wait out before Game of Thrones comes back on HBO for is seventh season.

While there are a number of new products and gimmicks that had appeared for Game of Thrones, including a new line of wines and a pop-up bar, now fans can ease up their craving for some of Westeros-related activity with a new mod for Seven Kingdoms: Total War.

Eurogamer spotted a new mod, which basically puts familiar Game of Thrones characters into the title to let you recreate it in the comforts of your own PC.

The video below shows a cinematic look at this remake. And it brings to gaming life some of the battles, complete with armor and sigils. I would have to say the Wildling recreation was probably the best there is, especially since Mance and Tormund were very recognizable in some shots.



Of course, Game of Thrones won’t be complete without the blood and battle scenes, a lot of which have been recreated with uncensored action and gratuitous detail.

The mod was first launched back in December, but thanks to the updates, it has already grown 20 armies all over the eight Westeros factions. And those who want to experience this modded battle can even choose from the 35 generals included. You can choose from the likes of Ned Stark, Loras Tyrell, Davos Seaworth, Theon Greyjoy or Roose Bolton, among the more well-known generals.

The mod is available for download, and if you’re just accessing the content now, it features a lot of improvements to gameplay, balancing, and weapon animations.

Prepare for a good way to get your Game of Thrones fix by playing god on the battlefield. At least until Game of Thrones returns this summer on HBO.

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