Game Of Thrones Star Shows Off Euron Greyjoy’s Shocking Transformation For Season 8

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - September 13, 2017

There’s still no word as to when exactly Game of Thrones will be returning for its eighth and final season on HBO, but it seems like fans are in for a surprise once they see Pilou Asbaek’s Euron Greyjoy make his way back to the small screen.

Taking to Instagram,  Asbaek just teased a dramatic transformation for Euron Greyjoy, showing off an image of an aged character that looks so unlike the menacing uncle of Alfie Allen’s Theon Greyjoy and Gemma Wheelan’s Yara.

His face shaved and his hair turned grey with a receding hairline, the Danish actor tells fans that he’s “getting ready for season 8 #gameofthrones try a #newlook.”

Asbaek also adds a number of hashtags like “what marriage will do to you,” and the prayer of The Drowned God’s followers, “what is dead may never die.” Check out the photo down here:

This new photo sparks quite a number of questions for the eighth season of Game of Thrones. Is Euron trying to disguise himself to steal away the Royal Company? Is he disguising himself to sabotage Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow’s  (Kit Harrington)great war with the Night King and his army of undead? Or could the makeup be an indicator of a few flashfowards?

Let’s wait and see.

Game of Thrones season 8 premieres sometime in 2018 or 2019.

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