Final Fantasy XV Players Spot a Cool Glitch with a Whole New World

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - January 11, 2017

Perhaps one of the biggest criticisms for Final Fantasy XV is the lack of fulfillment of the promise of a game-changing open world offer.

Details and graphics already show what Square Enix can do for the game. The only thing that's lacking is ability to actually explore the offered world.

As with most games, its fan base can be pretty solid and dedicated—which is why videos, like the one below, are showing players using an out-of-bounds glitch to tap into the landscape.

Engadget features a detailed rundown on how you can try it for yourself. Thing is, you would need the retail disc version with no updates. Play that version of Final Fantasy XV and get to the train station. Jumping around will allow them to break from the standard pathway and into Niflheim.

As far as activity is concerned, there's not much to do. There will still be no enemies or activities or even too many sights. It's like looking at the lands from a closer point of view. The landscape itself has some pretty good detail of beaches, savannahs, and even a tundra--perfect locations for future expansions, if I may say so myself.

Once you get here, there's another surprise when you update the game. The only thing added are roads on the open fields. 

This is very suggestive of the possibility that Square Enix is considering DLCs that will make use of said unused area. This could bring Final Fantasy XV closer to the promised game that it should have been.

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