Final Fantasy XV Gets A Nissin Cup Noddle DLC

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - February 16, 2017

As promised by Final Fantasy XV will continue receiving more updates this year, however it looks like the next downloadable content making its way to the popular Final Fantasy game may be a little bit strange.

According to a report by Polygon, Final Fantasy XV  gamers are going to get a new Cup Noodle-style hat from Nissin, the Cup Noodle ramen company that’s made further developments in its partnership with Square Enix. The hat was first seen in a commercial for Nissin and will come to Final Fantasy XV through a code that can be found in the game’s very own line of ramen from Nissin.

While the hat may seem strange, the limited edition 30th anniversary Cup Noodle collection has been fashioned after quite a few bosses from the Final Fantasy franchise, making the cups something close to a collectible. Those who collect all 15 decorative Final Fantasy XV Nissin Cup Noodles will give gamers a chance to join a contest for another strange item – the gigantic Ultima Weapon Fork.

Absurd as it is to those who haven’t played the game, Final Fantasy XV has had a long and strange obsession with Nissin’s cup noodles and the new Cup Noodle DLC stands at the apex of the trend. After playing an entire Cup Noodle mission in Final Fantasy XV, you somehow understand how important the instant ramen is to Noctis and the boys.   

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