Fairy Tail Manga is About to End

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 11, 2017

Another manga is about to bid fans goodbye. Hiro Mashima’s long-running Fairy Tail manga is confirmed to end.

Fans need not worry, since it seems like Mashima has been planning for the series to end, as two more volumes will be written for its conclusion. This means that Fairy Tail will end at 63 volumes.

For those who are fans of Mashima’s work, there’s reason to rejoice as well. As one manga ends, another begins. Instead of a follow-up, spin-off or prequel, his next work will be a new one. According to Anime News Network, this work will have new characters, a new world, and a new story.

Fairy Tail has had quite a great run. The manga has sold over 60 million copies all over the world, and its anime has had quite the following outside of Japan. This month, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry opened in Japan, and a lot of fans abroad are crossing their fingers for any announcement of an international release.

I’ve followed Fairy Tail for quite a while. Even though, it’s had criticisms as well as praises, I still sort of appreciate the fact that it’s one of those rare mangas that pretty much lets you see your shipped OTPs in actual canon work. My favorite will still be Gajeel and Levy, of course.

Here’s to Mashima-sensei’s new work. Hopefully, it reaches the same status as Fairy Tail enjoyed.

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