Deviantart User Guessed Star Wars Episode VIII Title Back in 2015

Author Thumbnail BY Caitlin Donovan - January 23, 2017

A Deviantart user called MrStieners guessed the title for Star Wars Episode VIII a full two years before it was announced, Screenrant reports. Additionally, the user even made their own version of the movie's logo back then and it's pretty close to the actual logo. You can see it here.

This user wasn't the only one who guessed the title. Reddit User Trumondo listed it among their many picks for title in the thread "What do you think Star Wars Episode VII will be called?' back in 2016. They also suggested Prophecy of the Sith.

Interestingly, they made sure to note that the last Jedi was plural. It's unknown if it's meant to be plural in the actual movie title, but it's possible. After all, all indicators are pointing to Rey following in Luke's footsteps and becoming a Jedi, so the title could be referring to both of them. Or there could be other Jedi besides Luke still hidden away. 

In hindsight, this was a pretty logical title for the movie and with the huge amount of Star Wars fans out there, it's not a shock some guessed it. Luke does appear to be the last Jedi after all and that makes for a dramatic title. Still, kudos to these fans for predicting it.

What do you think of the title? 

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