Death Note Director Leaves Twitter Because Of Online Harassment And Death Threats

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - September 12, 2017

Netflix’s live action film adaptation of Death Note didn’t do as well as hoped. Not only have critics bashed Adam Wingard’s dark fantasy psychological thriller, but it seems like angry have fans have pushed the filmmaker out of Twitter.

Wingard’s been having a number of online arguments with angry Death Note fans, with many otakus and weaboos reaching out to the filmmaker to express their dismay over the many ways his film diverted from the source material. However, while some of their criticisms were largely constructive in nature, many others were angry and violent.

Now it seems like netizens can no longer find the director’s Twitter account. Wingard didn’t really explain why he left the social media platform, but there’s a lot of speculation that the director might have gotten rid of his account because of his fights with anime fans over his Death Note movie and because of incoming death threats.

Fans haven’t been entirely pleasant with the director, but the animosity surged further after Wingard posted a message that read “Sorry trolls, but the artist always wins in the long run” on his account back in August. The director then followed the Tweet with another post that read, “I love how many people feel personally attacked by this tweet. Its [sic] almost like troll bait. Those that bit expose themselves.”

In the end the trolls attacks go the best of Wingard with the director quitting his social media account to avoid death threats and harassment. Standing up for Wingard, netizens have called out on the excessive trolling.



Wingard’s Death Note may have been the worst film adaptation of the Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s manga, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten the director. Some netizens really have to learn proper etiquette.



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