Could Zack Snyder Be Planning To Stay Away From The DCEU For Good?

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - July 17, 2017

Back in May, DC Expanded Universe director Zack Snyder decided to step down from Justice League to deal with his daughter’s death back in March. Though the mega movie was already in post-production, Snyder had decided to step back from the film in order to grieve and to focus his energy on healing after his daughter committed suicide earlier this year.  

While his replacement, Batgirl director Joss Whedon has been made to keep to Snyder’s style and vision, DC fans wonder what kind of role Snyder will have in the future development of the DCEU and it seems like Snyder’s recent social media activity has made them question it even further.

While things have been relatively quiet, Snyder has just recently removed the Justice League  logo from his Twitter profile picture and cover photo, replacing the images with a blank header and a black and white photo of himself.


Of course, simple social media profile updates like this wouldn’t really mean much to the DCEU, but with Snyder dropping out of Justice League changes like this make one wonder.  Could Snyder be planning to take a longer break from the DCEU?



Justice League makes its big debut on November 17, 2017.

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